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24/7 Investigations employs a team of specially assembled private investigators, computer investigators and sources, to support all the private investigation services and surveillance needs of its clients.

Founded by an RCMP veteran and acquired in 2018 by two senior investigators with over 40 years experience, 24/7 Investigations is dedicated to quality surveillance for all types of corporate, insurance and private matters. 24/7 Investigations is licensed and bonded with the Solicitor General Department in British Columbia and is a member of the PIABC and of the CAPI.

Corporate and Insurance Industry Experience

Since 1999, 24/7 Investigations has provided corporate investigation services to ICBC and WorkSafeBC, along with their legal representatives, pertaining to long and short term disability claims.. These services have been provided with very successful results ranging from outright dismissal under the collective agreement to the early termination of worker’s WCB claims. 24/7 also provides private investigation services to ICBC and their legal representatives pertaining to long term disability claims.

Combination of Surveillance Techniques

24/7 Investigations offers the unique combination of private investigation services and computer programming for investigations related to sensitive corporate computer situations. Covert video surveillance and hidden camera installations provide indisputable evidence for court-related matters such as workplace theft of property, information and long or short-term disability claims.


24/7 Investigations is a results-oriented firm that is committed to providing each client with the most competent and cost efficient private investigation services available. We bring over 54 years combined legal and investigative expertise with professional experience in both the federal and provincial court jurisdictions. We utilize the most current professional equipment available to assist in our private investigation endeavors.

Our private investigators use many means to determine the facts. The actual investigation may require various types of surveillance or searches. A private investigator may make phone calls or interview people to verify an individual’s place of employment, income, or place of residence. Investigators provide evidence and professional trial testimony.

We have three main areas of operation:

Corporate Investigation

Informing the Corporate World

Corporate Investigation

Specializing in high end corporate investigations, security, training, and consulting solutions.

Due Diligence, Background Checks, Locates, Pre-Screen Employment Checks

Insurance Industry Private Investigations

Workplace and Insurance Claims

Insurance Industry Private Investigations

Acting on behalf of a company or third party insurance provider, 24/7 Investigations can monitor the activities of individual who is suspected of a fraudulent injury claim.



How does 24/7 Investigations make sure it doesn’t break the law or jeopardize the client’s position?

We recognize that conducting a private investigation illegally, unethically or improperly could lead to a “bad faith” lawsuit against our client. Further, we are always conscious of the fact that the evidence we gather may need to be used in court. As such, we take care to obtain all of our evidence legally. We understand trespassing laws and privacy laws including provincial and state laws.

Can the information obtained by 24/7 Investigations be used in court?

Generally speaking, yes. All evidence that is obtained by 24/7 Investigations is professionally documented, detailed and organized for court presentation. However, the applicability and validity of the evidence in questions depends on the nature of your case and its use should be discussed with your lawyer.

What exactly is surveillance and how is it conducted by 24/7 Investigations?

Surveillance is the discreet observation of a person or persons, and is used in many types of private investigation services. Whether you need proof of insurance fraud, workers’ Compensation fraud, or other legal matters that require hard evidence, there is simply no better way to document facts than with irrefutable video or photographic evidence obtained during surveillance. We have the training and the experience to legally, discreetly and confidentially obtain the evidence you need to confirm your suspicions. We will obtain video or photographic evidence, provide you with an investigative report and, if necessary, testify to the facts in a court of law. Furthermore, we ensure that all information obtained by us is obtained in a legal manner and is professionally documented, detailed and organized for court presentation.

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